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Photo: Håkan Bylund

Aevy Lore

"My music artist project Aevy Lore is a place of dangers and wonders, dreams and nightmares, facts and fantasy, politics and poetry... This is where I reflect upon experiences from my own life, and stories of my imagination, in a seamless dance between the two worlds.

Drawing inspiration from a deep longing to connect with Nature and care for the Earth, Olivia's artist project Aevy Lore reflects upon themes such as philosophy, culture, and the Human-Nature relationship. Her productions hold a storytelling quality in the merging of playful melodies, rhythmic textures, and captivating soundscapes.


With honest and self-reflecting lyrics, Aevy Lore’s vocals interweave beautiful fragility with a compelling sincerity. On stage, she is known to establish a strong connection with the audience, and has performed at intimate events, big festival stages, and international conferences in Europe.


Her music has been received with words such as “A New Musical Universe” and “One Being - with the power of a Symphony”. 


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