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Aug 10-12

Stockholm, Sweden

Live performances with Aevy Lore at Vintervikens Trädgård and Nomad.

July 24-29

Cogne, Italy

Gran Paradiso Film Festival: Composer of the theme song, and holding live performances with Aevy Lore during the festival. 


Värmland, Sweden

Sound Lanterns: Composer and performer of Surround Sound Concerts during festivals at Ängsbacka.  

May 3-5

Stockholm, Sweden

9th World Summit on Arts and Culture - Safeguarding Artistic Freedom: Delegate.  


Karlstad, Sweden

Received a Working Grant from Karlstad Municipality to explore and develop concerts where Plants are making music together with People. 

Mar 15

Stockholm, Sweden

Europe - Let's Cooperate - International conference arranged by Interreg Europe: Live performance with Aevy Lore.


Nov 7

Karlstad, Sweden

Swedish Radio P4: Live performance with Aevy Lore

Oct 27-28

Brussels, Belgium

Interreg Annual Event - International Conference arranged by Interreg Europe: Live performances with Aevy Lore. 

Sept 1-4

Örebro, Sweden

Live at Heart Showcase Festival: Live performance with Aevy Lore. 


Värmland, Sweden

Sound Lanterns: Interspecies Concerts together with Plant-Music Collective Masterplants.   


Värmland, Sweden

Den stora LiLLa Cirkusen: touring music-theatre performance for children. Composer and live musician. 

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