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New Release

Signature Melody for the Gran Paradiso Film Festival, composed and produced by Olivia Ahltorp

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Gran Paradiso Film Festival

Annual event for Nature Film in Cogne, Aosta Valley, Northern Italy. The festival's signature melody is composed by Olivia Ahltorp, who will also perform live at several concerts during the festival.

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New Release

Let Silence Undress Your Mind

In collaboration with composer and musician Jacob Hauge Matteo, and poet Ben Bushill

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Nov 08

Oslo, Norway

Interreg Conference: Live performance with Aevy Lore

Nov 17

Karlstad, Sweden

Konferens 100° Karlstad: Live performance with Aevy Lore

Sept 02

Örebro, Sweden

Live at Heart Showcase Festival: Aevy Lore live at Kulturkvarteret

Sept 01

Ängsbacka, Sweden

Embodied Sound Festival: Surround Sound Concert


Received a Grant from Culture Moves Europe, to stay one month in Italy working with Plant Music

July 24-29

Cogne, Italy

Gran Paradiso Film Festival: Composer of the theme song, and holding live performances with Aevy Lore during the festival. 


Värmland, Sweden

Sound Lanterns: Composer and performer of Surround Sound Concerts during festivals at Ängsbacka.  

May 3-5

Stockholm, Sweden

9th World Summit on Arts and Culture - Safeguarding Artistic Freedom: Delegate.  


Karlstad, Sweden

Received a Working Grant from Karlstad Municipality to explore and develop concerts with Plants making music together with People. 

Mar 15

Stockholm, Sweden

Europe - Let's Cooperate - International conference arranged by Interreg Europe: Live performance with Aevy Lore.


Nov 7

Karlstad, Sweden

Swedish Radio P4: Live performance with Aevy Lore

Oct 27-28

Brussels, Belgium

Interreg Annual Event - International Conference arranged by Interreg Europe: Live performances with Aevy Lore. 

Sept 1-4

Örebro, Sweden

Live at Heart Showcase Festival: Live performance with Aevy Lore. 


Värmland, Sweden

Sound Lanterns: Interspecies Concerts together with Plant-Music Collective Masterplants.   


Värmland, Sweden

Den stora LiLLa Cirkusen: touring music-theatre performance for children. Composer and live musician. 

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