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Concerts and Events

01.18 | Cogne, Italy

Gran Paradiso Film Festival, Youth Event

Aevy Lore


11.08 | Oslo, Norway

Interreg Conference, Greneløse muligheter for næringslivet

Aevy Lore

09.02 | Örebro, Sweden

Live at Heart Showcase Festival 

Aevy Lore

09.01 | Ängsbacka, Sweden

Embodied Sound Festival, Surround Sound Concert and Voice Workshop

Olivia Ahltorp

07.24-29 | Cogne, Italy

Gran Paradiso Film Festival

Composer of the Signature Soundtrack and Concerts with Aevy Lore

06.28 | Karlstad, Sweden

Karlstad municipality, vernissage "i skogen"

Aevy Lore

06.01-07.31 | Ängsbacka, Sweden

Festival Summer, Surround Sound Concerts

Olivia Ahltorp

04.29 | Gothenburg, Sweden

Manifestival, Oceanen

Aevy Lore

03.15 | Stockholm, Sweden

Interreg International ConferenceEurope let's Cooperate

Aevy Lore

01.06 | Örebro, Sweden

Folk at HeartShowcase Festival

Aevy Lore


11.21 | Ängsbacka, Sweden

Soul Dance Festival, Surround Sound Concert

Olivia Ahltorp

11.08 | Karlstad, Sweden


Aevy Lore

11.07 | Karlstad, Sweden

Sveriges Radio Live Broadcast

Aevy Lore

10.27-28 | Brussels, Belgium

Interreg Europe, Annual Event

Aevy Lore

09.21 | Arvika, Sweden


Aevy Lore

09.03 | Örebro, Sweden

Live at Heart , Showcase Festival

Aevy Lore

08.17 | Karlstad, Sweden

Putte i Parken, Festival

Aevy Lore

07.20 | Ängsbacka, Sweden

No Mind Festival, Interspecies Plant Music Concert

Olivia Ahltorp and Masterplants

03.01-03.31 | Värmland, Sweden

Den stora LiLLa Cirkusen - Tour, music theatre for children

Olivia Ahltorp

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