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Photo: Håkan Bylund

Conferences & Events

"Music has a way of touching us, finding its way into places where words alone cannot reach". 


Olivia's passion for music and storytelling, and her ambition to bridge the gap between arts, science, politics and culture, makes her performances a beautiful feature in conferences and events. 

Music for Film & Performing Arts

"I love to see my creations as part of a greater story, in collaboration with filmmakers, dancers, actors, visual artists... all kinds of storytellers".


Olivia's music, known for its captivating soundscapes and beautiful melodies, has been used in performing arts, film, public exhibitions, and more. She is attentive to the wishes of other creators, and very adept at highlighting the different layers and nuances of a story in her music.

Aevy Lore

"My music artist project Aevy Lore is a place of dangers and wonders, dreams and nightmares, facts and fantasy, politics and poetry... This is where I reflect upon experiences from my own life, and stories of my imagination, in a seamless dance between the two worlds.

Drawing inspiration from a deep longing to connect with Nature and care for the Earth, Olivia's artist project Aevy Lore reflects upon themes such as philosophy, culture, and the Human-Nature relationship. On stage, she's been received with words such as "A New Musical Universe" and "One Being - with the power of a Symphony".

Storytelling for Change

"Stories are such a fundamental part of what it means to be human. They bridge over ideologies, cultures, generations... and provide important keys to understanding our part in this world".  


Olivia is currently working on the project A Glimpse of Time upon the Earth - an audio-visual story about the Human-Nature relationship. She's looking for collaborators to make the story come alive even more, as well as new partners for future story-based artistic projects.

Songwriting & Music Production

"Music is a universal language and a beautiful way to express our ideas and emotions - no matter who we are or where we come from... No more Silence".  


As a trained pianist and vocalist, and with many years of experience in songwriting and music production, Olivia can offer valuable support in the creation and release of your own music.

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