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Plant Music

I received funding from the EU-program Culture Moves Europe to study Plant Music. In January, I spent three weeks in Italy, visiting Damanhur Spiritual Community. This community is the birthplace of Plant Music, which started as a means of measuring responses from plants due to factors in their surroundings. During my stay, my learning was supported by two amazing mentors: Tritone Crisantemo and Zigola Pioppo. Tritone Crisantemo is the founder of Masterplants - A community of Plant Music Artists. He is also the inventor of Masterplants Symphony - a device that enables you to make music with up to 8 different plants. Tritone is truly one of a kind when it comes to plant music and sound design. He has toured the world with his unique plant music concerts, and I'm so excited to now be part of Masterplants Collective and soon receive my very own plant-music device.

My first co-creation with Tritone is the song "We are the Children of Life" recorded and produced during my time in Damanhur. We are now planning future projects together, starting with an international collaboration project taking place in India.

My other mentor, Zigola Pioppo, has many years of experience with plant music, voice healing, interactive storytelling, and more. She has a deep connection with nature and told me much about plant communication and the different layers of our reality. Zigola and I are now working on a collaboration in plant music and interactive storytelling about the human-nature relationship.

I'm very grateful for the opportunity of my exchange, it has given me much new knowledge and inspiration within a music field that is new to me - yet very much in line with my ambition to work with music and storytelling for change.


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