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Music for Conference & Events

"Music has a way of touching us... finding its way into places where numbers and hard facts cannot reach". 

Short presentation of my performance at the international conference Europe - let's cooperate. Arranged by Interreg Europe, March 2023. 


Music composition and performance: Olivia Ahltorp / Aevy Lore

Music for Live Performances

My artist project Aevy Lore is where I let my music explore themes such as philosophy, sustainability, and the human-nature relationship. My performances are sometimes presented alone, sometimes together with fellow friends and musicians. 


Music and Lyrics: Olivia Ahltorp / Aevy Lore

Film: Thomas Borrenmo & Olivia Ahltorp

Aevy Lore

My first song with Aevy Lore - Am I going Blind?  was released on World Environment Day, 5 June 2022. The song speaks about my experiences with climate anxiety, and my longing to love and honor the Earth.


Music composition and production: Olivia Ahltorp

Film: Astrid Biessy and Olivia Ahltorp

Music for Fire and Dance

Remember Roots is a composition I made for the fire-and-dance event Eldkonst in Karlstad 2019. The music speaks about the development of a human civilization and the importance of remembering the stories of our ancestors. The full song is available on Spotify. 


Music Composition: Olivia Ahltorp

Music Production: Olivia Ahltorp, Pontus Stålberg

Photos: IamLazze

Music for Theatre

Två röda prickar på picknick. Theatre, acrobatics and music, performed on stage in 2022. 


Music Composition & Production: Olivia Ahltorp

Produced by: Kultur Bums - en del av Riksteatern & Teater Maijka

Performers: Isabelle Boström & Sara Jane

Music for Theatre

Den stora LiLLa Cirkusen. A music-theatre performance for kids, performed on stage in 2021 and 2022. 


Music Composition, Production and Live Performance: Olivia Ahltorp

Puppeteer: Hugo Catolino 

Actress: Isabelle Boström

Music for Dance

I dimman dold (Värmlandsvisan) is a composition made for Värmlands contribution to the International Dance Day 2021. The music speaks about old traditions accompanying us into a modern society. Also available on Spotify.


Music Composition & Production: Olivia Ahltorp, Julia Bengtson

Project Management: Karin Lilja, Evelina Falkelind
Film and Editing: Håke Karlsson 

A collaboration between Region Värmland, Rau-Rau Creative and many of the regional dancing communities. 

Music for Motion Picture

Among Fraudsters and Friends and Hello Stranger let's Grow are compositions I made for a motion picture, on request by the interregional music project MECO, 2021. Also available on Spotify


Music Composition & Production: Olivia Ahltorp

Music for Video Games

Verdaní (00.00), Myrkviðr (00.10) and Jǫtunheimr (00.50) are compositions I made for an indie game development team at The Great Journey, 2020. 


Music Composition & Production: Olivia Ahltorp

Game Design: Viktoriia Rudkovska, James Lidgett, Mårten Åsberg

Music for Yoga & Meditaion

Yosephine is a composition I made for a Hatha Yoga class by Mori K. 森 II Mahā Yoga. The full practice is available on Youtube.


Music Composition & Production: Olivia Ahltorp

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