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Piano Keys
Music for Film & Performing Arts

"I love to see my creations as part of a greater story, in collaboration with filmmakers, dancers, actors, visual artists... all kinds of storytellers".


Olivia's music, known for its captivating soundscapes and beautiful melodies, has been used in performing arts, film, public exhibitions, and more. She is attentive to the wishes of other creators, and very adept at highlighting the different layers and nuances of a story in her music.

Previous collaborations include:​

  • Två Röda Prickar (theatre), 2022

  • Den stora LiLLa Cirkusen (theatre), 2022

  • Music Ecosystems Inner Scandinavia Project Report (commercial film), 2021

  • Värmland Dansar (dance), 2021

  • Skogen Viskar (public exhibition), 2020

  • Eldkonst (dance), 2019

Upcoming collaborations:

  • Gran Paradiso Film Festival Theme Music (nature film), 2023

Requests & Booking:

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