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Photo: Håkan Bylund

Songwriting & Music Production

"Music is a universal language and a beautiful way to express our ideas and emotions - no matter who we are or where we come from... No more Silence".  


As a trained pianist and vocalist, and with many years of experience in songwriting and music production, Olivia can offer valuable support in the creation and release of your own music, regardless of whether you're looking for support during the whole process, or only want to add piano, backing vocals, or other elements to your track. 

Previous work include:

  • From the Moment We are Born (songwriting, music production, vocals)

  • Am I going Blind? (songwriting, music production, vocals)

  • Stay Wild (songwriting, music production, vocals)

  • Lonely Creatures (songwriting, music production, vocals)

  • Remember Roots (songwriting, music production, accordion, vocals)

  • Let Silence Undress Your Mind (vocals, accordion, glockenspiel)

  • Among Fraudsters and Friends (songwriting and music production)

  • Hello Stranger let's Grow (songwriting and music production)

  • I dimman dold (songwriting and music production)

  • Seed (piano, vocals)

  • Creation (piano, vocals)

  • Old Red Fox (vocals)

  • Polar Queen (songwriting, piano, vocals)

  • Karavan (songwriting, djembe, vocals)

  • Sea River Waltz (piano, vocals)

  • Dans med siluetter (glockenspiel, vocals)

  • Varje ros (piano)

  • Crossroad (lyrics, melody, backing vocals, piano)

  • Lost in Translation (piano)

  • Limbo (piano)

  • Spacewar (piano)

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