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Conferences & Events

"Music has a way of touching us, finding its way into places where words alone cannot reach". 


Olivia's passion for music and storytelling, and her ambition to bridge the gap between arts, science, politics and culture, makes her performances a beautiful feature in conferences and events. With the ambition to make music and arts a more integrated part of policymaking, and use a soft voice to inspire new ways of building a sustainable future, Olivia has been invited to perform at several international conferences in Europe.  

Previous performances include:

  • Gran Paradiso Film Festival - Cogne, Italy 2023

  • Europe Let's Cooperate - Stockholm, Sweden 2023

  • Interreg Annual Event - Brussels, Belgium 2022

  • Interreg Kick-off - Karlstad, Sweden 2022

Upcoming performances:

  • Interreg Conference - Oslo, Norway 2023

  • Karlstad 100° - Karlstad, Sweden 2023

Requests & Booking:


With an artistic education in music, and an academic education in sustainability, Olivia's work carries a high degree of credibility. Her previous work as a lecturer, and her present work as an artist, makes her feel confident on stage - as a performer and in conversation.  


  • Music Performance: 5-30 min music performance with songs reflecting themes of sustainability, philosophy and environmental consciousness. The performance includes vocals, piano and produced soundscapes.

  • Inspirational Narration: Between songs, Olivia shares insightful and inspirational narration that ties the music to sustainability, philosophy and the themes of your event. This will help attendees connect with the theme on a deeper level and leave them with a sense of purpose.

  • Visual Enhancements: Olivia can incorporate visual elements such as nature videos and images to enhance the overall experience and create a multisensory journey.

  • Interactive Q&A: Following the performance, Olivia can host a Q&A session where attendees can engage and learn more about her work with music and sustainability, and thoughts around philosophy, culture and the human-nature relationship.

  • Background Plant-Music: Instrumental music played by plants, for registration, mingle etc.

  • Original Music for Your Event: Olivia compose and produce an original piece of music, a signature melody for your organisation and/or event. The music will be delivered well in advance so you can use it in marketing material as well as during the event. 

Olivia Ahltorp performing at Gran Paradiso Film Festival, Italy 2023. The music was composed for the event, an original signature melody for Gran Paradiso Foundation.

Olivia Ahltorp performing at the conference Europe let's Cooperate, Stockholm 2023. The event was organized by Interreg Europe. 

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