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Forest Scene

Olivia Ahltorp is a music producer, composer, and artist - passionate about working with music and storytelling for change. Her music, known for its captivating soundscapes and beautiful melodies, has been used in performing arts, film, public exhibitions, and more. 

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Drawing inspiration from a deep longing to connect with Nature and care for the Earth, Olivia's artist project Aevy Lore reflects upon themes like philosophy, sustainability, and what it means to be Human. With the ambition to inspire change and bridge the gap between arts, science and politics - Aevy Lore has performed on many different stages, including conferences for the EU-commission. 

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Rau-Rau Creative - Community of Music, Creative Writing and Visual Arts - was founded by Olivia to enhance collaboration between people from different fields of exertise, to develop transboundary works of arts. 

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Olivia is also working with surround sound and 3D music. Mainly within the project Sound Lanterns - a set of beautifully crafted wooden towers holding light and surround-sound from 24:4 speakers.

Forest Scene


For more music and visual content, see Portfolio

What can I do for You?

Would you like to book a live performance for your conference or music scene? Get music composed for your film, dance, or another kind of story? Are you thinking of a project and want to explore ideas together? 

Don't hesitate to get in touch,

I'm looking forward to talking to you!

I'm based in Sweden, but I'm happy to travel for work (preferably by train) or develop collaborations via cyberspace.

Forest Scene



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