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Forest Scene

Olivia Ahltorp is a music producer, composer, and artist - passionate about working with music and storytelling for change. Her music, known for its captivating soundscapes and beautiful melodies, has been used in performing arts, film, public exhibitions, and more. With the ambition to make music and arts a more integrated part of policymaking, and use a soft voice to inspire ways of building a sustainable future, Olivia has been invited to perform at several international conferences in Europe. 

Olivia Ahltorp

Drawing inspiration from a deep longing to connect with Nature and care for the Earth, Olivia's artist project Aevy Lore reflects upon themes such as philosophy, culture, and the Human-Nature relationship. Her productions hold a storytelling quality in the merging of playful melodies, rhythmic textures, and captivating soundscapes. With honest and self-reflecting lyrics, Aevy Lore’s vocals interweave beautiful fragility with a compelling sincerity. On stage, she is known to establish a strong connection with the audience, and has performed at intimate events, big festival stages, and international conferences in Europe. Her music has been received with words such as “A New Musical Universe” and “One Being - with the power of a Symphony”. 

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Community of Music, Creative Writing and Visual Arts - was founded by Olivia to enhance collaboration between people from different artistic backgrounds, find strength in cooperation and develop new transboundary works of art. 

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Olivia is also working with surround sound and 3D music. Mainly within the project Sound Lanterns, a set of beautifully crafted wooden towers holding light and surround-sound from 24:4 speakers. Olivia's surround compositions and concerts are currently being presented at a Festival Centre in Värmland, Sweden.

Sound Lanterns
Forest Scene


"Music has a way of touching us, finding its way into places where numbers and hard facts cannot reach. My name's Olivia. I'm a music producer, composer, and artist working with music and storytelling for change. My artist project Aevy Lore is dedicated to themes such as philosophy, sustainable development, and the Human-Nature relationship. I'm striving to bridge the gap between arts, science, politics, and culture. And engage others in conversation about how to build a safe future in companionship with our planet. Let me give you an experience where you and your fellow human beings can let go of all the brainwork, and for a moment, just exist together". 

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